In this section we would like to share a few videos, news releases, and photographs taken over our last eighteen years serving Bragg Creek and surrounding areas.

Dr. Samson French discusses the use of poison & firearms in Wolf Cull on CTV

Banded Peak Vet's Dr. Judith Samson French methods used in the wolf reduction program and the impact on Alberta's wildlife. WATCH VIDEO

Dr. Judith Samson French Discusses Shipment of Horses to Japan

Banded Peak Vet's Dr. Judith Samson French discusses shipment of horses to Japan and whether or not these beautiful creatures are... Watch Video

A happy dog says "Hello Banded Peak!"

A gorgeous Golden Retriever shows what a vet visit looks like at Banded Peak Vet Hospital by wearing a GoPro camera. Get a peak at the

Rick Mercer & Jann Arden Stop by

A fun day we had when Rick Mercer and Jan Arden stopped by to visit us at Banded Peak. It was a cold day with warm


Using poison to cull wolves in Alberta is inhumane, says animal advocacy group

An animal advocacy group says the province's use of poison as a way to cull wolves is inhumane and kills too many other animals inadvertently. 

Read Full Story - Featuing Banded Peak Vet's own Judith Samson French Here.



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